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Mandolin in the heart of Canberra

COZMO logo 2014 - straight mandosCOZMO’s activities aim to promote the playing of  Zupforchester (plucked-stringed orchestra) instruments in Canberra ACT and surrounding regions – and the fun we have in playing and performing!

REHEARSALS: Sundays – Hellenic Club In The City (Atlas Room), 13 Moore St, City.  Learning Group (Beginning) & Learning Group (Continuing): 4.00 -5.00pm.  Ensemble: 5.15 – 7.30pm.  Details: see Joining COZMO and Rehearsals.



COZMO members at the ensemble’s 2014 Winter Concert (15 June 2014) – L to R: Col (MD: Mandolin & Mandola), Lindsay (Mandolin), Diana (Mandolin), Trevor (Mandolin) Diane (Mandolin), Tristan (bass), Alex (Mandolin), Christine (Mandolin), Jonathan (Mandola), Dave (Mandolin), Erica (Guitar), Bob (Mandolin), Julie (Guitar), David (Guitar), Lea (Mandolin), Geoff (Guitar). 

Preview of Upcoming Events

1. COZYMO LEARNING GROUPS – Beginning and Continuing: Semester 1, 2017

Learning Group Sessions start on Sunday 5 February 2017, at the Hellenic Club In The City, 13 Moore St Civic, Canberra – 4.00-5.00pm.

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COZMO (Capital of Australia Mandolinata) resumes rehearsals for 2017 on Sunday 29 January – 5.15-7.30pm.

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For more information on the events above: see Upcoming Events.

Info on previous activities: see Past Events.

Info on COZMO, Learning Groups and rehearsal times: see Rehearsals.

Info about COZMO’s music and resources: see Repertoire.

How to join the COZMO ensemble or participate in our Learning Groups?  Where to get lessons?  How to find a teacher?  How to hire an instrument?  Fees?  See Joining COZMO.

Other plucked-stringed orchestras and organisations promoting this exciting and beautiful music, camps and festivals: see Links.

Sheet music and MP3s for rehearsals, other resources and admin items: see Members and Participants Only (password required – Members and Participants only).

What is a mandolin orchestra?  This kind of orchestra is a plucked stringed orchestra (or ‘Zupforchester’).  It comprises instruments in the mandolin family – mandolins (trebles), mandolas (altos) and mandocellos (tenors),  with guitars and mandobass or double bass added to complete the group.  The repertoire is drawn from almost any genre of music: from classical to modern and popular, traditional, folk and world, jazz, romantic and swing, providing entertaining and eminently listenable performances.

HELLENIC CLUB IN THE CITY – Whether a member or a visitor, you can enjoy a coffee and cake or a delicious meal at the Club’s Bistro any time you’re in the City.  The Bistro serves FREE Kids’ Meals on the weekends (children under 12) – your whole family could enjoy a great dinner together there!

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COZMO is a member of FAME (Federation of Australasian Mandolin Ensembles)