COZMO Rehearsals and COZYMO Sessions

Rehearsals and Sessions are held on Sundays.  COZMO Members get together for rehearsals each Sunday during school term time, including the Sunday just preceding the start of any new school term that starts back on the Monday.  COZYMO Participants also meet each Sunday during school term time, prior to the COZMO Rehearsal time, for 50-60 minutes.  See general Rehearsal and Session Times below.

We do not meet during the 2-week term breaks or the 6-week Christmas break, unless there is a need to rehearse for a particular performance.  This gives us 8 to 10 COZMO ensemble rehearsals per term, and 8 COZYMO sessions per term.  The Schedule of Rehearsals and Sessions for Semester 2, 2013 will be posted shortly.

COZMO is a small ensemble currently made up of more experienced players who are proficient in reading music notation (we don’t use tablature) and who already have some proficiency in instrumental and performance skills.

COZYMO (Capital of Australia Youth Mandolinata – our training group for ‘young’ in age and ‘young’ in experience!) began in 2012.  Participating in COZYMO is a great way to foster and develop your interest and skills in playing an instrument with other enthusiastic friendly people, learning to read music notation and learning ensemble skills!  COZYMO comprises a Learning Group (Beginning) and a Learning Group (Continuing).  It is anticipated that both programs will run in Semester 2, 2013 (28 July – 15 December).

For more information on what COZMO and COZYMO do, and how to join, go to Joining COZMO .

Rehearsal and Session Times

COZMO Ensemble: Rehearsals are 5.15 – 7.30pm during school terms, with a 15-minute coffee/bathroom/stretch break at 6.15pm (Atlas Room).

COZYMO Learning Groups (Beginning) and (Continuing): Sessions are 4.00 – 4.50pm during school terms (Atlas Room).

The Hellenic Club In The City is COZMO’s rehearsal and concert home, in the heart of Canberra, the Nation’s Capital.  Our thanks to the Club which has very kindly given us the use of the Atlas Room on Sunday afternoons throughout 2012/13.  We are most appreciative of the Club’s generosity!  The Club’s Cafe and Bistro will no doubt become favourite meeting and eating spots for COZMO’s members and participants after our rehearsals.