Lessons and Teachers


If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to start with a teacher – either with an independent music teacher (for individual lessons) or an appropriate experienced COZMO player as a teacher (for individual or small-group lessons).

You can check at your local music store for the names of independent teachers.  Or you can contact Col Bernau who will be able to point you to the next step, including contacting other teachers in the ACT, or to an appropriate experienced COZMO player.  Col Bernau, as well as being COZMO’s Musical Director, is also a professional music teacher of guitar, mandolin, mandola and mandocello (and ukulele, banjo and cuatro).

Music teachers in the ACT currently charge $35-$40 or more for individual half-hour lessons.  For small-group lessons, the cost can be lower per person, e.g. $20 or so per half-hour for 2-3 person group lessons.

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