Fees – Members and Participants


COZMO ENSEMBLE: $150.00 pa   The membership year runs from 1 March (non-Leap Year) to the end of February the following year, in line with COZMO’s Financial Year dates.

The Annual Membership Fee includes $10 annual membership of our umbrella organisation, FAME (Federation of Australasian Mandolin Ensembles) which comprises members of 10+ ensembles and orchestras around Australia and in New Zealand as well as individual members.  Under COZMO’s constitution, COZMO members also become members of FAME and receive quarterly editions of FAME’s journal Plucked Strings.

Continuing COZMO members: Membership fees are payable annually, from 1 March through to 14 March (at the start of COZMO’s new Financial Year), for the year ahead.  A reminder is emailed to members in the first week of each February.

Grace period 15-28 March: A member may request a grace period to 28 March to pay, but the member is unfinancial during that period and membership will lapse if not paid by close of business 28 March.

New COZMO members: After a prospective new member has attended COZMO rehearsals for up to three visits, the Musical Director may invite the person to join or the person may indicate a wish to join.  The prospective member completes a short membership application form (see link below).  On approval of the application, the new member’s membership fee is payable within 14 days after the Approval Date.  The fee payable is pro-rated, if joining part-way in the membership year through to the end of the membership year (i.e. to 28 February).  So if joining in the first or second 5 weeks of any Term, the amount calculated for that portion of the membership year is $37.50 or $20 respectively, and any remaining Terms are calculated at $37.50 each.

Example: A person’s membership application is approved in Week 7 of Term 2.  The calculated pro-rated fee is $20 (Term 2) plus $37.50 each for Terms 3 and 4, i.e. the pro-rated annual fee, valid for membership to the end of the membership year on 28 February the next year, is $95. 

HOW TO JOIN COZMO – Membership Application Form

Once you have visited COZMO at rehearsal and played with the ensemble (up to three times without obligation) and you decide you’d like to join, click here to obtain  membership application form: COZMO Membership Form.  Before you do, check out our useful one-page info sheet (PDF): Info about COZMO – Nov 2015.  it briefly introduces COZMO – what we do, membership and fees – a handy reference for prospective and new COZMO Ensemble members.

COZYMO Learning Group (Beginning) and COZYMO Learning Group (Continuing): $150.00 per Semester.  Semester 1 = Terms 1 & 2; Semester 2 = Terms 3 & 4.

This Participation Fee is payable by the start of the Semester or at the first session of the Semester.  COZYMO participants may choose to become members of FAME; as FAME members they will also receive quarterly editions of FAME’s journal Plucked Strings.  Check out our useful one-page info sheet (PDF): Info about COZYMO – Nov 2015.  it briefly introduces the COZYMO Learning Groups – what we do, participation and fees.

Schedules: COZMO Rehearsals and COZYMO Sessions are held on Sundays during school term time.  COZMO Rehearsals: 32-38 per year.  COZYMO Sessions: 16 per Semester.  The Rehearsal and Session schedules take into account performance commitments and the attendance each year of members at national and international mandolin events.

Paying your fee: Fees are payable by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) into COZMO’s bank account, using a unique Reference Line (COZMO Secretary will give you the format).  Alternative payment methods may be used by prior arrangement with the Secretary, COZMO (contact).

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